Let’s know about Manolo Geoscience

Who we Are

Manolo Geoscience Services Limited (MGSL) offers the best local expertise available in Tanzania with the right level of relationships, insight and scalable staff. The company is a Tanzania–based professional services firm with a variety of industrial experiences. It is a specialized team of local professionals with competency including technical support on the extraction of any natural resource, environmental management and infrastructure and business development. The company was established to support industrial development around East Africa and SADC by providing technical solutions and consultant services in the fields of resource extraction, environmental management, community development, forestry, water sector, infrastructure development and capacity building.

With its headquarters in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, MGSL offers local skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to support any business initiatives of small and large scale. The company was established in 2018 with an intention to undertake contracts nationally and internationally (targeting East Africa and SADC countries). It is managed by a team of highly qualified partners who have previously worked on various projects within Tanzania.

Our Services

Minerals and Energy Exploration
Mining Services
Marine Survey Services
Petrol Station Services
Environmental Management Services
Inland Geodetic Survey
Forest Management Services
General Business Development

Our Mission

To deliver quality services, create customer value and make a difference.

Our Vision

Enhance customer satisfaction through improved collaboration and communication.

Our Core Values

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Our Approach

Upon receiving the terms of reference and scope of work from the client, our consulting service normally begins with desktop-based studies using any available information to assess in detail the problem from the client. This follows with the deployment of experts to the field depending on the nature of the problem for data collection using industry best practice. The company normally collaborates with clients with regular communication to ensure the final product is of highly qualified to satisfy the client’s needs. All the activities are normally coordinated and organized from the main office. Safety is always our first priority in undertaking any assignment.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Asiad Mrutu
Mr Asiadi is a practising geologist/geophysicist working with Government of Tanzania. He is a member of SEG, AusIMM, EAGE and GASA. He is currently holding Master’s degree in Exploration Geophysics (Merit) from the University of Leeds (UK) and a Bachelor degree (Hons) In Geology from University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). He also holds Postgraduate Diploma in Mineral Resource Evaluation from University of Witwatersrand (South Africa) and Certificate in Applied Geostatistics from University of Alberta - Canada.
Mr. Asiad MrutuChief Executive Officer
Phone: +255 712 950 530 | +255 787 986 140
Email: asiad.mrutu@mgsl.co.tz 
Mr. Said Singano
A brief profile of Said
Mr. Said SinganoChief Operating Officer
Phone: +255 769 512 300 | +255 787 986 140
Email: said.asiad@mgsl.co.tz 
Mr. James Mabula
A brief description of Mr. James Mabula
Mr. James MabulaManaging Director
Phone: +255 752 546 618 | +255 622 179 738
Email: james.mabula@mgsl.co.tz 

Dr Harish Ahuja

PhD Geology, MAusIMM – Senior Geoscientist

Mr Asiadi Mrutu

MSc, MAusIMM, SEG – Senior Geoscientist 

Mr Musa Nalogwa

MSc, TATCA, SEG, EAGE – Exploration Geophysicist

Mr Ramadhani Ndonde

BSc, MAusIMM, IAMG – Senior Resource Geologist 

Ms Maria Krekamoo

MSc, EAGE – Geotechnical/ Geophysicist Expert

Mr James Mabula

BSc –Senior Geoscientist

Mr Paul Matumbi

MSc, SEG, NCPS – Senior Geomatics & Land Surveyor Expert

Mr Said Singano

MSc FoRAM– Senior Forest Management Expert

Ms Anna Maria

MSc – Senior Environmental Management Expert

Mr Robert Shija

MBA – Senior Business Development Expert

Ms Elizabeth Luwanda

MSc – Senior Procurement Management Expert

Mr Godluck Shirima

LLM, Advocate –Senior Legal Advisor

Mr Emmanuel Saro

CPA – Senior Accountant

Mr Kiratias Chandy

BSc - Senior Exploration Geologist

Mr Alistides Ndibalema

BSc, AusIMM - Senior Mine Planning Engineer

Mr Sindi Maduhu

MSc, SEG - Senior GeoscientistMSc, SEG - Senior Geoscientist

Mr Jumbe Maulid

MSc - Senior Exploration Geologist